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What is HackenProof?

Hello everyone!

In this post, we’re going to provide up-to-date information about HackenProof, our business activities, team, and brief results of work. 

HackenProof was founded in late 2017 and our project is the vital element of the Hacken ecosystem of cybersecurity products. We are headquartered in Estonia and our operations centre is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our bug bounty platform has been uniting white hat hackers from different corners of the world to work on revealing clients’ vulnerabilities since 2018. The services provided to clients within the framework of bug bounty programs run on our platform differ from the terms of such programs run on companies’ websites. There are a number of reasons behind the decision of companies to run bug bounty programs on professional platforms.  

Our family of white hat hackers unites 5K+ researchers who have detected 850+ bugs that could potentially cause dramatic financial and reputational losses to our clients unless timely fixed. Strong skills and expertise have allowed our researchers to earn $350K+ in rewards for detected bugs. HackenProof runs bug bounty programs for companies representing both traditional and emerging industries. The list of our clients includes such famous brands as CoinGecko, Avalanche, Gate.io, to name a few. You can view the full list of companies that have applied for running a bug bounty program on our platform and the details about these programs on HackenProof’s programs page

We strongly believe that crowdsourcing is a bright future of cybersecurity. Traditional cybersecurity companies have only a handful of researchers at their disposal while bug bounty platforms can unite hundreds of experts with different backgrounds. As a result, this variety of talents ensures the high quality of security services provided to customers. Bug bounty programs have already become a vital element of the cybersecurity policy of leading companies. They allow companies to detect and eliminate both critical and minor vulnerabilities. You may find more information about bug bounty programs, their specifics, and other advantages they give businesses in the following article

Our approach to doing business is beneficial for all sides involved – companies get the opportunity to pass the security testing performed by some of the best cybersecurity experts in the world while ethical hackers get a legal and convenient way to monetize their skills.

HackenProof makes the world a safer place. Monitor our announcements. We have tremendous plans for the future. Thank you for trusting us!