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DEX-Trade is running a bug bounty program on HackenProof – earn up to $3K

DEX-Trade, one of the top-100 exchanges by trading volume, has launched a public bug bounty program on HackenProof. According to CER.live, the exchange has BB security rating and DEX-Trade’s management is focused on further strengthening the security of users and their assets through the partnership with HackenProof.

DEX-Trade is the Belize-based cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017. The exchange offers spot trading on >200 pairs and assists entrepreneurs in listing their tokens. The exchange’s functionality can meet the interests of both experienced traders and newcomers. The exchange’s vision is to become one of the most prestigious and excellent exchanges in the world and one of the pillars towards achieving this vision is security.

Apart from providing traditional trading functionality, DEX-Trade organizes regular competitions and tournaments for its users.

The exchange’s decision to run a bug bounty program on HackenProof is based on our expertise in organizing programs and the positive feedback of other exchanges that have run programs on our platform. This bug bounty program will serve as the continuation of the collaboration between DEX-Trade and Hacken. At the end of 2021, the exchange passed the penetration testing performed by Hacken specialists. The management of DEX-Trade was satisfied with the quality of testing.

The official description of the bug bounty program for DEX-Trade is available at: https://hackenproof.com/dex-trade/dex-trade

The exchange is offering the following reward scheme for participants depending on the severity of reported bugs:

  • Critical: $1,000 – $3,000
  • High: $500 – $1,000
  • Medium: $200 – $500
  • Low: $50 – $200

Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to improving the security of one of the most technically equipped exchanges. It’ll be an interesting challenge for you.

About DEX-Trade

Dex-Trade is a young but the most technical equipped crypto exchange. It offers traders an easy-to-use interface and transactions safety. The exchange is thoroughly protected, as evidenced by a security certificate from SecExpert and a GDPR certificate. The main goal of DEX-Trade is to become as comfortable as possible both for a novice trader, for an experienced investor, and for listing new crypto projects. For this purpose, a demo trading service has been created. At the moment, work is being completed on the training section and sections on margin trading, futures and derivatives.

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About HackenProof

HackenProof was founded in late 2017 and the project is the vital element of the Hacken ecosystem of cybersecurity products. HackenProof is the platform hosting bug bounty programs for businesses representing the blockchain world such as crypto exchanges, DeFi platforms, and industry institutions. The list of projects that have cooperated with HackenProof includes such well-known brands as Avalanche, CoinGecko, Gate.io, Kalmar, etc.

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